2 Days Focused On What To Expect In The Next 12 Months In Marketing Technology




Food and drink will be served throughout both days.


8:00 AM


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9:00 AM


John Ebbert, Publisher & CEO, AdExchanger

9:10 AM

The Year Ahead

Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Gary will look at the year ahead in his own inimitable way.

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO, VaynerMedia

9:35 AM

The Marketing Tech Marketer Speaks

In this fireside chat, attendees will hear from one of the world's leading marketing organizations and their top marketer in charge of guiding digital strategy for marketing transformation. Dell's Todd Forsythe will explore the facets of his role today following one of the industry’s biggest integrations and how he expects 2017 to unfold for his company and the industry.

Todd Forsythe, SVP, Global Digital Marketing, Dell
John Ebbert, Publisher, AdExchanger

10:00 AM

Building The Cloud

Oracle Data Cloud's Eric Roza provides a look at his company's plans for enabling the data critical to marketing plans in 2017.

Eric Roza, CEO, Oracle Data Cloud

10:20 AM

Special Presentation

To be announced.

10:40 AM

Networking Break

11:10 AM

Measuring Quality

Advertisers can now insist on buying only high-quality digital ad impressions, a key macro-innovation of the last two years. Our power panel of CEOs from the top independent measurement firms will explore the key technology imperatives and customer needs that are defining their growing niche. We will touch on viewability, fraud measurement, time-in-view and other nuances of the verification space.

Scott Knoll, CEO, Integral Ad Science
Wayne Gattinella, CEO, DoubleVerify
Jonah Goodhart, CEO, Moat
Michael Tiffany, CEO, WhiteOps
Allison Schiff, Senior Editor, AdExchanger

11:45 AM

Connection Science: Joining People, Places & Things in Today’s Connected World

Ex-Walmart Chief Data Officer Venkat Achanta joined Neustar because he believed the accelerated convergence of the digital and physical worlds need to move beyond data science. In a connected world, we see a new interdisciplinary field called Connection Science: data analytics, communications networking and network security. In this session, Venkat will outline how Connection Science supports brands and helps them to provide better customer experiences.

Venkat Achanta, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Neustar

12:00 PM

Industry NBCU: The Year To Come

In this fireside chat, NBCU's Linda Yaccarino discusses the media conglomerate's plans for the year ahead as well as important trends her company is tracking in the marketing tech and media worlds.

Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal

12:20 PM


Hosted by Inneractive / Fyber

1:30 PM

The Landscape of Prediction

LUMA Partners' Brian Andersen returns to the AdExchanger stage once again and presents predictions on what will happen in the year ahead to the many moving parts of advertising and marketing technology.

Brian Andersen, Partner, LUMA Partners

1:50 PM

Native Never Rests

The "Native" trend is getting even more data-driven in 2017 as addressability and measurement make this important opportunity ever more powerful. TripleLift's Ari Lewine offers his take.

Ari Lewine, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, TripleLift

2:05 PM

The Upfront Of Technology

Television's Upfront season is around the corner. This panel will examine the evolving structure of TV's ad buying process and investigate how this annual rite of media buying may play out this year. How are the latest ratings and measurement capabilities changing the currency for television media? Has network consolidation given the sell-side outsized leverage? How has adoption of OTT viewing changed the balance of power? And, what role do "addressable" and "programmatic" have in 2017?

Maureen Bosetti, Chief Investment Officer, Initiative
Peter Naylor, SVP Advertising Sales, Hulu
Marianne Gambelli, Chief Investment Officer, Horizon Media
Donna Speciale, President, Turner Ad Sales
Moderator: Kelly Liyakasa, Senior Editor, AdExchanger

2:40 PM

Consulting Comprehensively

The role of the consultant is expanding beyond strategy and adding the execution normally reserved for agencies. Accenture Interactive is at the forefront of offering comprehensive marketing solutions today and AI's Glen Hartman, Managing Director, North America will discuss.

Glen Hartman, Managing Director, North America, Accenture Interactive
Martin Kihn, Research Director, Gartner

3:00 PM

Networking Break

3:25 PM

Marketing Tech Today

Forrester analyst Joe Stanhope takes a deep dive on the important trends for marketers and their technology strategy in 2017.

Joe Stanhope, Analyst, Forrester

3:45 PM

Talking Advertising

Among the exciting developments in 2017 in the marketing and ad tech world, Salesforce acquired data management platform Krux. What will the year ahead hold for the CRM giant?

Liam Doyle, VP Advertising Products, Salesforce
Chris O'Hara, Head of Marketing, Krux, Salesforce
Moderator: Ryan Joe, Managing Editor, AdExchanger

4:05 PM

Filling The Cart

Online shopping giant - and so much more - Amazon will be looking to expand its advertising and marketing efforts in 2017. Amazon's Seth Dallaire returns to AdExchanger's stage to discuss the important milestones ahead for his company.

Seth Dallaire, VP Global Advertising Sales, Amazon Media Group, Amazon
Kelly Liyakasa, Senior Editor, AdExchanger

4:25 PM

What Does Ali Think?

Multitalented performer Ali Wentworth will entertain the audience with her thoughts on the year ahead. She's an author, actor, comedian and stars in a new TV series she created, Nightcap.

Ali Wentworth, Author, Actor and Comedian

4:50 PM

Welcome Party

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Food and drink will be served throughout both days.


8:00 AM


Hosted by Adform

9:00 AM


John Ebbert, Publisher & CEO, AdExchanger

9:05 AM

The New Face Of Bipartisanship

As on air CNN contributors, John Avlon is a staunch Independent and Margaret Hoover is a proud Republican. Off air, they are a happily married couple. Through fun and humorous banter, the couple breathes new life into -old -timeless debates. By identifying the common ground that exists on any given issue, Avlon and Hoover share and demonstrate how to fight for the national interest rather than special interests.

John Avlon, Author, Political Contributor
Margaret Hoover, Author, Political Contributor

9:30 AM

Measuring More

Facebook's at-scale measurement capabilities are in many ways, second-to-none. Given past results, 2017 would appear to be another banner year for the social giant. Marketing Science VP Brad Smallwood takes a look ahead with AdExchanger's Zach Rodgers.

Brad Smallwood, VP of Marketing Science, Facebook
Zach Rodgers, Executive Editor, AdExchanger

9:50 AM

Rating The Marketing Cloud

Nielsen Marketing Cloud EVP Mark Zagorski will look at the year ahead as his Company's cloud offering expands and refines.

Mark Zagorski, EVP, Nielsen Marketing Cloud

10:10 AM

Managing The Data

Managing data has become mission-critical for many advertisers, but adoption of DMPs and the use of customer data "onboarding" is still a work in progress. Many have taken an understandably conservative approach due to the sensitive nature of customer data, and some technology hurdles remain. In this panel, we'll talk about the integration of DMPs with CRM systems, the role of privacy compliance in decision making, and how DMPs could make the leap to traditionally offline channels like TV and OOH.

Amit Ahuja, Head of Audience and Planning, Adobe
Johann Freilinger, Head of Marketing & Communications and Co-Founder of SAP XM (SAP)
Anneka Gupta, Chief Product Officer, LiveRamp (Acxiom)
John Gallagher, VP Performance and Programmatic Marketing, IBM Corporation
Seth Demsey, Chief Technology Officer, AOL Platforms
Moderator: Joanna O'Connell, CMO, MediaMath

10:45 AM

Networking Break

11:05 AM

Private Equity Path

With ongoing weakness in venture capital (VC) and the public markets, Private Equity (PE) has come through as a source of financial stability in marketing tech innovation. PE firms have recently made big buyouts in areas like CRM (Strongview and Marketo), workflow automation (Mediaocean), and ad serving tech (Sizmek), for example. This panel discussion will survey the factors driving the rise in "IPEOs," what happens to tech firms after they get bought, and where exactly PE firms might still be looking to buy.

Bill Wise, CEO, Mediaocean
Michael Fosnaugh, Partner, Vista Equity Partners
Moderator: Tolman Geffs, Co-President, Jordan-Edmiston Group, Inc.

11:35 AM

Sharing The Year Ahead

Native Supply Side Platform Sharethrough has special insight into what it will take for the programmatic native market to reach its lofty expectations. Given this lens, President Patrick Keane will discuss the year ahead.

Patrick Keane, President, Sharethrough

11:50 AM

Windows On The Future

Fresh off its acquisition of LinkedIn in 2016, Microsoft's opportunity is expanding. As leader of the company’s global advertising business and sales organization, Rik van der Kooi will discuss his company's plans for the ad and marketing tech landscape.

Rik van der Kooi, CVP Advertising Sales, Microsoft
John Ebbert, Publisher & CEO, AdExchanger

12:15 PM


Hosted by Inneractive / Fyber

1:15 PM

The Key Trends For Media And Marketing

As an industry strategist, and now industry analyst, Brian Wieser is on top of the latest trends with his research. He'll share insights on a few of the important trends he sees in the next 12 months.

Brian Wieser, Senior Analyst, Pivotal Research

1:35 PM

Connecting with Consumers in the Age of Fragmentation

Michael Zimbalist offers ideas on how fragmentation can be turned into an opportunity for advertisers that are seeking performance and customer growth.

Michael Zimbalist, CMO, Simulmedia

1:50 PM

Real Time Year

Real-time advertising has been Criteo's focus since its inception and the company has thrived in spite of a very competitive marketplace. CEO Eric Eichmann review his company's plans for the next 12 months in a discussion with AdExchanger's James Hercher.

Eric Eichmann, CEO, Criteo
James Hercher, Reporter, AdExchanger

2:10 PM

Holding All The Marketing (And Ad) Tech

As agency holding companies look to connect their clients to new ad and marketing technology – including trading desks – opportunities and challenges arise. Service-side executives charged with tech strategy explore what they see in the year ahead.

Arun Kumar, Global President, Cadreon (IPG)
Matt Sweeney, CEO Noth America, Xaxis (WPP)
Art Muldoon, CEO, Accordant Media (Denstu Aegis Network)
Moderator: Zach Rodgers, Executive Editor, AdExchanger

2:45 PM

Networking Break

3:05 PM

Media Moving Marketing

Understanding technology is crucial to every publisher. In this session moderated by GroupM's Rob Norman, senior leaders from The New York Times and a leading digital publication will survey the media landscape in 2017 with an overlay on how technology continues to evolve the publisher's opportunity.

Meredith Levien, EVP & Chief Revenue Officer, The New York Times Company
Moderator: Rob Norman, Global Chief Digital Officer, GroupM

3:30 PM

Closing In On The 2017 Numbers

eMarketer's Geoff Ramsey closes Industry Preview 2017 with the all-important data - as well as his insights - on the year ahead in marketing technology.

Geoff Ramsey, Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer, eMarketer

4:00 PM

Happy Hour

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Two days focused on what to expect in the next 12 months for marketing technology.

50 visionary speakers

Hear the leaders of the advertising and marketing technology ecosystem reveal new visions for 2017 and beyond.

28 inspiring sessions

Get unparalleled insight into the latest ideas, trends and technologies that are shaping the marketing and advertising world.

600 executive attendees

Connect with the biggest players in the industry from top brands, agencies, publishers, media companies & technology providers.

2 impactful days

Come away with the essential knowledge, inspiration and connections you need for the year ahead.


We asked our 2016 audience why it was important for them to come to Industry Preview, and this what they said:

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“To be inspired and learn the latest.”




In 2016 more than 600 senior executives from the world’s leading brands, advertising agencies, media companies, marketing technology providers and industry analysts attended Industry Preview.  With visionary content and a big picture approach to marketing technology, Industry Preview attracts more VP and C-level executives than any other AdExchanger conference.

Air France
Alex & Ani
ConAgra Foods
General Mills
Lending Tree
Met Life
Nestle Purina
P & G


“Great speakers … that broader view of the industry and consumers was refreshing”

Riddhi Goradia, Director Display and Content Marketing,

“Awesome insights”

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“Great companies, good discussions, top executives”

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