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Food and drink will be served throughout both days.


08:00 AM


Sponsored by Throtle

08:00 AM

Networking Breakfast

09:00 AM


Zach Rodgers, Executive Editor, AdExchanger

09:05 AM

Dog Days - The State Of Commerce

In this session, Scott Galloway will provide a No Mercy / No Malice perspective on the biggest trends, challenges and innovations impacting organizations and digital leaders today. From the dominance and behaviors of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google to recurring revenue models and voice technology, Scott will discuss what’s developing in the market, why you need to care about it and how to think about potential threats.

Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern · Bestselling Author · Cohost Pivot Podcast

9:45 AM

CMO Panel: New Retail Realities

The way consumers move from consideration through to purchase is in flux, and product companies that rely on retail intermediaries must adapt. This panel will dig into how a group of global marketers are applying new data sources, media channels and shopper marketing strategies to grow their brands.

Charisse Hughes, CMO, Pandora Americas
Bibie Wu, CMO, Del Monte Foods
Moderator: Joanna O'Connell, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

10:15 AM

The Cookieless Web & The Future Of The DMP

Rapid changes in regulations, protocols and consumer behaviors test advertisers' ability to build and measure audiences across channels. Foundational tech such as data management platforms (DMPs) are adapting to the future. Join Salesforce SVP Martin Kihn as he demystifies cookies, IDs and the brave new role of the DMP

Martin Kihn, SVP Product Strategy, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Presented by Salesforce

10:35 AM

Networking Break

11:00 AM

The Future Of TV

Big Bundles vs Skinny Bundles vs OTT - Who wins? Streaming Wars - Who wins? SVOD vs AVOD - Who wins? With the entry of Disney+ and Apple TV+ in 2019, new entrants are upending the TV status quo. Comcast's Peacock and AT&T's HBOMax will enter the fray in 1H20. Leading equity analyst Laura Martin will discuss implications for US consumers, shifts in $150B of TV revenue in 2020, winners and losers, and what happens next.

Laura Martin, CFA & CMT Managing Director, Needham & Company, LLC

11:25 AM

The Coming Year At Google

In a fireside chat, Google gives guidance on how it's working with marketers and publishers in the coming year. She’ll share Google’s plans to increase automation for buyers in their campaign management, and their POV on trends like privacy, mobile, the future of media and the decline of the cookie.

Sissie Hsiao, VP of Display, Video, App Advertising, Google
Interviewer: Sarah Sluis, Senior Editor, AdExchanger

11:50 AM

CTV 2020: Our Predictions For The Future Of TV

2020 will be the year streaming takes over the living room, with over 50 platforms already live and more launching in the coming months. But subscription-fatigued consumers are limiting how much they're spending on streaming, and advertising will fill the gap in subscription revenue. In this session, Telaria CEO Mark Zagorski discusses how AVOD will win over viewers and why data will be critical to the monetization of premium video in the coming year.

Mark Zagorski, CEO, Telaria

Presented by Telaria

12:05 PM

Xandr In 2020

Born out of AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner, Xandr sprung onto the scene in 2018 with an ambition to launch the TV ad platform of the future. In this fireside chat, AdExchanger Executive Editor Zach Rodgers catches up with Xandr CEO Brian Lesser about the progress the company has made in the past year, new competition on the horizon and where data-driven TV is headed in 2020.

Brian Lesser, CEO, Xandr
Interviewer: Zach Rodgers, Executive Editor, AdExchanger

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

Business Transformation Through M&A In 2020 - Or Any Year

Various academic studies have shown how a relatively large number of acquisitions fail, meaning they destroy shareholder value. However, there are many examples of how acquisitions have driven exceptional shareholder returns. Like any year, this won't change in 2020. LUMA's Brian Andersen will share how two of the most successful and important companies in digital marketing utilized M&A to completely transform their businesses, enabling them to achieve the market-leading positions they hold today.

Brian Andersen, Partner, LUMA

1:50 PM

Gen-Z Rising

What defines Gen-Z? This special presentation will capture the emotional realities, unique perspectives and distinct contributions of the new wave of young adults.

Ziad Ahmed , Co-Founder/CEO, JÜV Consulting

2:05 PM

Programmatic In An Over The Top World

Tubi is the world’s largest AVOD service which is built on a foundation of ad technology. Join Tyler Fitch, Vice President of Ad Partnerships who will offer his vision for the future of OTT advertising and how to overcome the challenges that are ahead.

Tyler Fitch, VP of Ad Partnerships, Tubi

Presented by Tubi

2:25 PM

The FTC In 2020

The work of the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection is increasingly occupied with digital marketing issues, including COPPA enforcement, influencer fraud settlements and a multibillion-dollar fine levied against Facebook over privacy violations. In this fireside chat, Director Andrew Smith will share what businesses need to know about the FTC’s priorities and enforcement agenda in the year to come.

Andrew Smith, Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission
Interviewer: Allison Schiff, Senior Editor, AdExchanger

2:50 PM

Networking Break

3:10 PM

Reaching The Unreachables

Snap and Twitch are the young blood media channels. And now that they've proven their ability to connect with youthful audiences, their focus has naturally turned to driving engagement and results for advertisers. 2020 will be a big year for each of these platforms, especially as marketers look for alternatives to the triopoly.

Walker Jacobs, Chief Revenue Officer, Twitch
David Roter, VP, Global Agency & Brand Partnerships, Snap
Moderator: Tanya Dua, Senior Reporter, Business Insider

3:40 PM

From Big Tech To Direct Connect

Tim Armstrong’s the dtx company is focused on building the infrastructure for the direct economy. In this session he will discuss the need for brands and consumers to invert today's centralized, platform-driven attention economy and find value at the edges by using direct-to-consumer technology to cut through and go direct to everything.

Tim Armstrong, Founder & CEO, the dtx company
Interviewer: Betty Liu, CEO, Intercontinental Exchange & Executive Vice Chairman, NYSE Group

4:05 PM

How The NHL Is Engaging The Next Generation Of Fans

The NHL is expanding its brand footprint across the full spectrum of consumer touchpoints. In this session, CMO Heidi Browning will discuss how the NHL engages passionate hockey buffs and is attracting a new generation of fans across digital and traditional media platforms.

Heidi Browning, Chief Marketing Officer, NHL
Interviewer: Kevin Mannion, Chief Strategy Officer, Advertiser Perceptions

4:30 PM

The New WPP

It's been a year of major change at WPP. In this fireside chat, CEO Mark Read sits down with AdExchanger’s Alison Weissbrot to discuss his first year on the job, the future of the agency and how the world’s largest ad giant will get back to growth in 2020.

Mark Read, CEO, WPP
Interviewer: Alison Weissbrot, Reporter, AdExchanger

4:55 PM

Welcome Party

Join your fellow attendee for cocktails, refreshments and light fare at the official Industry Preview Welcome Party.
Complimentary admission for all Industry Preview ticket holders.


Food and drink will be served throughout both days.


08:00 AM


Sponsored by Throtle

8:00 AM

Networking Breakfast

9:00 AM


Zach Rodgers, Executive Editor, AdExchanger

9:05 AM

Valerie Jarrett And Kelly Ayotte In Conversation

As President Trump begins his fourth year in the White House, our democracy appears to be at an inflection point. In this discussion, political leaders and thinkers Valerie Jarrett and Kelly Ayotte discuss the Democratic primary contest along with the key debates roiling the nation's discourse.

Kelly Ayotte, Former Senator of New Hampshire (2011-2017) and former member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committees
Valerie Jarrett, Author and Senior advisor to the Obama Foundation
Moderator: Krystal Ball, News Anchor, The Hill

9:50 AM

Special Fireside Chat With Nielsen

Details to come.

Karthik Rao, Chief Product, Technology & Operations Officer - Global Media, Nielsen
Interviewer: Ryan Joe, Managing Editor, AdExchanger

Presented by Nielsen

10:10 AM

Networking Break

10:30 AM

What The World Can Learn From China's Advanced AI

While the US is the world's leader in AI research, China is the leader in AI implementation. In the AI era, access to atomic user data (for example, from smartphones) and monetizing it is the key to winning in the coming decade. Anindya Ghose, Heinz Riehl Chair Professor of Business at NYU's Stern School of Business, will describe use cases from his experience with Chinese companies that are seeding the tech ecosystem of the future, break down the areas where Chinese AI matches or surpass their American counterparts, and connect these advantages to China's powerful mobile economy.

Anindya Ghose, Heinz Riehl Chair Professor of Technology and Marketing, NYU Stern School of Business

10:50 AM

How Media Can Solve The Online Civility Crisis: The Case For Quality Conversations

The early promise of the World Wide Web, think back to the 90s, it was so hopeful. Log on. Discover and learn new things. Read wonderful articles. Discuss our ideas. Share our thoughts. But in just two decades, the internet has gone from exciting dreams of a revolutionary new era to embodying fears about a world gone deeply wrong. Join Spot.IM’s CEO Nadav Shoval as he makes the case for a more civil and sustainable web.

Nadav Shoval, CEO & Co-Founder, Spot.IM

Presented by Spot.IM

11:05 AM

Building A Self-Reliant Marketing Org

At Wayfair, marketing is one of the company’s most strategic advantages. Wayfair's 100% in-house marketing team has built its own ad tech platforms and attribution systems, has an in-house agency that oversees everything from creative to media buying, and employs a dedicated team of engineers and data scientists. In this session, Chief Marketing and Product Officer Ed Macri will discuss how marketing informs the C-suite, and how Wayfair has built an in-house marketing team that is regarded as a profit center and growth driver for the business.

Ed Macri, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Wayfair
Interviewer: James Hercher, Senior Editor, AdExchanger

11:30 AM

Facebook And The Future

Behind the headlines, Facebook and Instagram have been unstoppable generators of ad revenue. Mark D’Arcy, Facebook’s VP of Global Business Marketing and Chief Creative Officer, sits down with AdExchanger, Senior Editor Allison Schiff for a conversation on creativity, marketing and Facebook's priorities in 2020.

Mark D'Arcy, VP Global Business Marketing & Chief Creative Officer, Facebook
Interviewer: Allison Schiff, Senior Editor, AdExchanger

11:50 PM


1:00 PM

The Big Story - Live With Special Guests: The Chrome Conundrum

The advertising industry is still reeling from Google Chrome's decision to stop supporting third-party cookies within two years. In this live taping of The Big Story, the AdExchanger team - and special guests Beeswax CEO Ari Paparo and Paul Bannister, EVP, Strategy, CafeMedia - will dish on the latest developments following Google's decision, keeping you up to date on this incredibly volatile situation.

Paul Bannister, EVP, Strategy, CafeMedia
Ari Paparo, CEO, Beeswax
Ryan Joe, Managing Editor, AdExchanger
Allison Schiff, Senior Editor, AdExchanger
Sarah Sluis, Senior Editor, AdExchanger

1:40 PM

Media Next

Verizon Media Group's revenue from advertising and ad platforms will surpass $7 billion this year. CEO Guru Gowrappan discusses the shifting media ecosystem and his strategic focus for the next 12 months.

Guru Gowrappan, CEO, Verizon Media Group
Interviewer: Sarah Sluis, Senior Editor, AdExchanger

2:00 PM

Digital Media In 2020

Publisher models are evolving in many directions at once. Areas with new momentum include subscriptions, commerce and nurturing authentic franchises that can thrive on social platforms. In this session, three media leaders talk about how they're seeking profitable growth in the next 12 months.

Rich Antoniello, CEO, Complex Networks
Ben Lerer, CEO, Group Nine Media
Pam Wasserstein, President, Vox Media
Moderator: Sara Fischer, Media Reporter, Axios

2:35 PM

Networking Break

2:55 PM

Ask The Oracle

Customer data is at the heart of recent innovations in marketing technology. Oracle's Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President, Oracle CX and Data Cloud, discusses the company's priorities as it builds on billions worth of acquisitions in data enablement and automation.

Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President, Oracle CX and Data Cloud, Oracle
Interviewer: James Hercher, Senior Editor, AdExchanger

3:15 PM

How Amazon Grows

Amazon's footprint keeps growing across commerce, search, video and, of course, advertising. VP of performance advertising Colleen Aubrey discusses the product and data-science mindset that informs the company's powerful ad platform.

Colleen Aubrey, Global Vice President, Performance Advertising, Amazon
Interviewer: Ryan Joe, Managing Editor, AdExchanger

3:35 PM

Investor Perspective: New Companies, New Ideas

Which ideas are getting funded in 2020? Two key early-stage investors talk about where they see opportunity in today's landscape, and how they work with portfolio companies.

Tom Chavez, Co-Founder, super{set}
Lisa Gersh, Executive Partner, Attention Capital
Moderator: Elgin Thompson, Managing Director, Technology Investment Banking, JMP Securities LLC

4:00 PM

Five Big Trends For 2020

If you thought 2019 was a tumultuous year for marketing, just wait till 2020 gets rolling. Given increased consolidation of digital media, heightened concerns around privacy and compliance, the quest for a universal identifier, intensified competition in OTT/streaming, the growing audio market and a likely ramp-up for 5G deployment, marketers will face huge new challenges and opportunities. In this data-rich presentation, eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey will summarize what's big for the next 12 months.

Geoff Ramsey, Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, eMarketer

4:25 PM

Happy Hour

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